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Video promoting classes for Adults living ADHD in Seattle  August 2013



Don Baker, MA, LMHC:  Lives and Practices in Seattle Washington on Lake Union. He specializes in Adult ADHD.

What is Life Strategies with Don Baker?

A series of groups and workshops for Adults Living ADHD ….and for those whose lives are touched by ADHD.

6 groups meet weekly / approximately 60-70 Adults Living ADHD participating in one of the groups with a large online community in addition to the Life Strategies Group Experience

In LS Groups we look at the latest research and writing about ADHD—we’re on the cutting edge. 

Life Strategies Groups are a source of peer support-  stories from other group members that provide multiple perspectives on living with ADHD.

Cringe at the thought of joining a group? “too many people, very odd ADHD people, and etc…”    LS Groups are different. I promise!


Lake Union Seattle, WA
July 2013

Lake Union Seattle, WA

July 2013


Public Library


Lake Union Seattle, WA  July 4, 2013

Lake Union Seattle, WA  July 4, 2013

Publix Hotel 

Seattle, WA